Sunday, November 7, 2010

News Corp may axe MySpace

In the growing sea of social media, knowing which sites  to use  can be intimidating, So you sign up for them all.    Keeping up to date on all your social media sites can be a full time job.

As a artist, which sites make the most sense for you to use?

Twitter, Facebook, BeBo, Reverb Nation, Ping???the list goes on and on.

My mom always said, never to put all your eggs in one basket. And quite honestly, there isn’t a decent social media site out there to support the world community, so you need to ask yourself 
where are my fan's hanging out?  You don't know? 

 Let’s look at the number of SOCIAL MEDIA  NETWORK options  out there:

27 top sites  w/ more that 1 milllion in the US
61 Video sites in the US  (some are highly specialized, and not all relevant to your needs)
31 press release sites in the US
171 article sites in the US (see my comments on the video sites)

·      Facebook has 500 million active users & growing.

Within FB  300,000 businesses have pages.  
Whether you love or hate Facebook, those are some pretty  amazing numbers!

  • Twitter 175 million active users

  • Myspace 100 million and shrinking.  

You read it right. Shrinking.

MySpace  has had a $70 million drop in revenue, and traffic is plummeting.

Several factors I think contributed to this.
  • Facebook’s success
  • Over saturation of Ad’s  on MySpace.
(when you are  logged on to your Myspace page you feel like your being assaulted by ads).

Myspace in a failing effort to bail out the sinking ship, has announced they will FINALLY intergrate status updates to Facebook and Twitter.

I think despite efforts to revamp the site, and late to market integrations, you can soon say goodbye to Myspace.


So what are you going to do when 1200 of your closest friends disappear forever?
Do you have their email addresses? I hope so.
  I would direct my fans AWAY from MySpace
And onto YOUR website, and onto your mailing list  so YOU can control your content, and viewer experience.  Do you really want your fans blasted with ads on how to bling their page so it runs even slower?


What’s the next thing, (wish I knew, I would be rich!)
Focus on the sites that will give you the most bang for the buck, and integrate them to your website ( click on the word website- you wil note on my home page I link to my twitter / facebook accounts, and have a blog feed).

Reverb Nation, Ping, ??? the later, Apples network. it’s a unknown right now, do you use it? what do you think?  Tell me what other social media networks are working for you?
(give me your thoughts in the comment section)

WHAT ABOUT YOU?          

Every artist has a uniqueness about them. A quality that makes them like no other, I like to draw attention to your uniqueness,  along with the familiar thing so your friends / fans have a connection to you.

When “your brand”  and your messages to your “friends”/ fans are clear THEN you start seeing the benefits of social media.  We will discuss content in another post.
if you need help defining  or refining your social media  strategy,  then lets talk!

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