Friday, November 12, 2010

5 QUICK TIPS- Make the holidays work for YOU

If your like many, the holidays seem to sneak upon you, with little warning, you suddenly find your inbox and social media friends announcing cool shows, and you feel like your left out in the cold? 

Here are 5 quick tips to help each of you "Make the holiday's work for YOU!

1) Book Your Holiday Shows Early 
 There are plenty of high-paying holiday events that need live music.
Get in on some of that easy money, or host your own show. It doesn’t have to be holiday related, either.
December is a very slow month for music journalists and they tend to have far less interesting news to cover, so it is also the perfect month to book a big CD release show and get some press coverage while you’re at it.

  2) Record a Holiday Single  This is a terrific way to stay connected
With your fans, (and exercise those songwriting chops).
It also makes a nice gift for your fans.
*You can participate in a free promotional contest like this:

|    3) Download Cards Make Great Gifts What’s  green, small, inexpensive, and come customized with your album art ?  CD DOWNLOAD CARDS ! 
     You can pick up 100 cards for under $60.00 what are you waiting for!
There are also  a number of promotional uses for your download cards. 
You could do a Twitter contest and use them as prizes to generate excitement for your music around the holiday season. 
Give them to particularly awesome fans- Spread the gift of YOUR music!

4) Leverage Social Networks Social networks are the perfect place to get people talking about your music. Share some of your own personal picks for the season. Stir a little excitement with a giveaway contest. Encourage fan involvement. Remember, social networks are most effective when you converse with your followers, so don’t just shout at them like a desperate street vendor.0

5) Holiday gift bundles: Limited-time only sales!
Bundle your cd with Tshirts, stickers, or other merchandise items to create holiday “gift packs”.
(price them to sell- ie: buy my Tshirt gift pack and get my EP for FREE)
Promote this on your social media sites and in your monthly newsletter to fans.

Are your interested in having consistant results creating more awareness, and selling more product ?  Then let’s talk!

Tamra Engle is a performing songwriter and business strategist who offers business solutions for creative minds to help them succeed in the evolving music and entertainment industries. As a performing singer-songwriter she has worked as a studio musician in Los Angeles; toured the U.S. and enjoyed the placement of her songs on television and nationally aired commercials. Her recent album was on the final round ballot for the 2008 Grammy's in the Best Contemporary Folk Album category.

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