Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The view inside your fish tank

Greetings everyone.
At this writing, I seem to be entering a new chapter in my life.   My partner and I are faced sadly with the unenviable position of saying goodbye to "our kids".  We are "parents" to two 12 year old's Sable & Minx (our dog and cat)  arrived in the same barn, and traveled several hours to our home, and hearts 12 years ago, and  have decided  they together have more work to do elsewhere.... without us.

This has caused us to really look closely at our lives and how dependent upon them we have become, facing the world without our most "trusted companions" some days really seems unfathomable.   It's during these major life changes that I find myself really looking at "my view of the world"  and how it is so easy to create habits and routines that often "limit our worlds"  which has a direct impact on our piece of the world and how we live in it.

If you find your world has become very small, read on.... 

The view inside the fish tank

As we have all lived life, our experiences, parental values influences, and socio-economic status have all shaped how we view “our” worlds.  Living day to day, we acquire routines, rituals, and ruts that may be really limiting the size of our world and what we can do.

Much like a fish in an aquarium, all the water  and tank represent your surroundings, how you live, others in your life, your routines, your wasted time all-swirling about.

In an Aquarium when a fish gets sick, you must treat the whole tank to save the fish, this means cleansing the water, dumping all the pollutants in the environment.
How is being this fish in a tank any different than you and me?
Take a real close look at your surroundings.  Is this environment working for you? Or are things around polluting your heart, your mind, your spirit, and limiting your view of the outside world?
Much like the built up algae that appears on the walls of the tank obstructing our broader view of the world…. Do you need to cleanse your tank? & Get rid of the stuff that is polluting your world?

That may include the people you hang around.   Business coach Jim Roan is quoted as saying “your income will become on average the same as 5 people you choose to hang around most.

Who are you associating with on a daily basis?  Do you go to a job where you work in an environment where you are not respected? Your not encouraged to grow in a healthy balanced way.  In your work and social circles you need to associate with individuals that have a higher degree of success, and learn success habits from THEM.  Then a shift occurs in mindset and how you view your world.
I'm not suggesting you be something or someone your not, rather, reaching out to attain your purpose and full potential!  (not what someone ELSE has dictated you "should" or "must do" to be successful). 
Suddenly, you will act and feel differently. You will begin to see a world in a positive light as a successful person.  

You can see OUT to a MUCH bigger world that you couldn’t see before. you may feel overwhelmed or frightened by this.   This is completely normal.  If your reading this, you have access to tools and guidance available to help you unlearn the old habits, and help guide you toward organized, productive time management, and creating a way of life that incorporates balance, and doing what you love for a living wage.  Isn't it time that you not let fear and other people's expectations stop you ?

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