Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Free Tools for Artists- YouTube made these two stars!

All the experts are trying to tap into what the NEXT wave is...
I tell new and prospective clients EVERY DAY the old record label model of getting huge advances (that never seem to get paid off) and being one of the stable of artists for the big record machine just isn't around anymore.

All the "experts" will agree that there is no 1 magic formula, but a thoughtful strategic plan is ALWAYS a key componant to being the next "overnight success", whether that is to be the god or goddess of your back yard, or the next "big thing"

Rule #1 is you have to have a great "product" (book, song, sculpture, painting, play, WHATEVER, the "product" is it better be GREAT!).

Rule #2 Have a strategic plan (this is your "roadmap" clearly identifying the who what where & why the heck people should care about YOU).** more about this later!

Rule #3 Work your ASS off! (this has NEVER changed!)

Rule #4 Be very personable, smile, meet people, develop your fan ready to "pitch"(clearly define what it is you do and why the heck people should care).

The Internet is a huge part of any visual artists strategy. I recently picked up a Time Magazine that had two unrelated articles discussing the internet rise of two young artists using 1 free tool, which served as a springboard to making them two hot new acts.

1) Greyson Michael Chance: a 6th grader in Oklahoma on April 28th 2010 uploaded a video of himself performing Lady GaGa's "Paparazzi" from his school recital- You'll note in the video rul #1 is covered- he kills this song!-
By placing this video on youtube it "went viral" (probably because the kid is amazing) it got 16 million views (I just watched it and it has over 24 million views) Ellen DeGeneris booked him on her show (Lady GaGa called to root for him AND Elite manager Guy Oseary (who represents Madonna) signed him to his roster- and it is reported that he has a recently signed with Lady G's Label Interscope. See the video here:

2) Justin Beiber: When I first saw this kid on the Red carpet of the Grammy's I wondered who's kid he was? I had really dismissed him as another one of the teen pop tarts being churned out to the masses- WITH 1 difference Justin is the 1st real teen idol of the digital age (his fame can be attributed entirely to the internet).
Not a Disney kid, or someone you had seen in commmercials. At 12 year of Age Justin was competing in local community talent shows in Stratford Ontario Canada. His Single mom began posting his performances on YouTube to share with family members, One performance performing Aretha Franklins Respect caught a the eye of Atlanta Promoter and manager Scooter Braun Two weeks later Scooter flew Justin & his mom out to Atlanta and signed on as Justin's Manager.

The next 6 months Bieber and Braun tirelessly worked on strategically building a fan base and Justin was very involved in being "accessible to his fans" Tweeting, reading fan mail, responding to questions. Despite all this work no one would sign a unknown.

Remember rule #1 to "have a great product?" Justin's talent was soon on the radar of Justin Timberlake who expressed interest in working with him, and so did Usher, who had Justin sing and play guitar for him. (here is the video of that audition: Usher thought his raw talent was amazing for his age and struck a deal with Braun and a Def Jam record contract followed. By the time Justin's 7 song EP was released he had 50 million YouTube Subscribers. * that kind of following is CULTIVATED and requires a detailed strategic plan and LOTS of hard work to achieve this level of success!

** Remember rule #2 "Have a great strategic plan"?
You might not care to be the next Justin Bieber or Greyson Chance- However, ALL visual artists need to have a great strategic plan to achieve ANY level of success. That's when you call me to help you put together YOUR roadmap to success.

Take advantage of another FREE tool you can use to be successful- grab your computer, or video camera and caputure YOU doing what you do best and post it upon Youtube.
If your ready to take on Rule #3 to work your A** off and ready to start your plan to success then EMAIL me your video link telling me who you are and let's get started!