Friday, November 26, 2010

Low Cost Gifts for Artists

During the holidays don't you find you  have LESS money at the end of the year, than during the more "flush" summer months?
 Usually the sudden demand for gift giving all around you sucks what few extra dollars you had tucked away. 
 When you have very little money you often need to get creative in your gift giving.

On the other side of that, you find you are also suddenly the recipient of many "wonderful" gifts.  Hopefully, there are the uber cool gadgets, and the odd fuzzy socks that your favorite Aunt knits for you every year that you look forward to.

And it seems there is the gift that gets a thank you card, but in your heart you know it will NEVER see the light of day again. 

As a gift giver AND gift getter neither one wants that!

 So what can you give (or get) that special someone?

How about something  precious, so fleeting, and your always looking for more of it?  

T I M E!

This is a small gift that I would love to give to each of your for the holidays,  just a taste of some  time management tricks, that help give you the "gift of time" When it seems like there is NONE of it. 



1) List 3-5 big things on your to-do list for today.  
(if you have  experience w/ time management tools then list 1 week's worth of big  to-do items, you'll find as you gain experience doing this that you will be able to add more tasks to the list).

*It's important that this list is written somewhere, so when you accomplish a task, you physically cross it off your list.
Then you can see your progress as things are "crossed off"  and at the end of the day marval at  all you have accomplished as a result of your effort!

2) Divide and conquer 
Divide your day into  One hour segments- (set a timer on your watch, phone, or egg timer to keep you honest)  The key here is you don't work on any task longer than one hour, before you move on to the next one.  Keep in mind some tasks simply take longer that 60 minutes, but mentally and physically you need to move to the next task to keep up your effeciency.
 (if you have a REALLY hard time staying focused break the time into  :30 blocks).

3)Check it 3-4 times 
Each day is to ONLY check your email / social media accounts 3-4 times a day, (start of day / mid day/ end of day /if you absolutly have to after your evening meal, (keep these check -in's at :30 minutes.).   

4) Keeping it work related 
Keep your social media updates business related, (if your a band or artist have a "business page" then a social page)  If your posting show announcements you should be using your monthly newsletters for those updates, Spamming your "friends" with endless requests to go to your show will not make more of them come to your shows, only annoy people and make them NOT want to go to your shows.  
 If you are presenting a show, exhibit, or merchandise items that are  top notch and innovative, post video clips, pictures, showing people what they will be enjoying when they come to your show.    Save the personal stuff for  your "social page, after work hours".

Facebook's Growing  Dominance
In June 2009, Nielsen estimated that the average U.S. user spent 4 hours and 39 minutes on Facebook per month. That’s about 9.3 minutes per day in a 30-day month.
 In August, that number rose to 5 hours and 46 minutes, or 11.5 minutes per day and the numbers keep growing.  The avg american US internet user spends more time on Facebook than any other internet site.

5) Touch it Once
Read an email or piece of paper and classify it so that you are not re-reading it multiple times.
Set up folders using Google Gmail (I like the google email service, I notice a much improved spam filter, and email management over other email platforms)

6) One Calendar-

Have one calendar that you record everything on – personal and work commitments and time-sensitive tasks. Use Google calendar that you can list work and personal events (and sort them for views, depending upon which calendar you want to be public or Private

At the end of your day (or week) look at your check list and the items you were able to cross off, congratulations, this is a small sample of what you can be accomplishing on a much larger scale.

 If you or a loved one need the gift of more time, Or need help creating a plan to achieve the goals that are important to them with minimal distraction.

 Purchase  a  Gift Certificate  for my consulting services-(email / phone / skype consultations available, to help artists in other time zones)! 
 Packages and special rates to make your gift giving easy this year.  

Wishing you and your loved ones a holiday season filled with health happiness, and doing all that you dream,


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