Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gasoline Soaked Acoustic Rock Duo

Two great shows not to miss in Sept:

Featuring Tamra Engle & Jeni Day

9/19 Caffe Trieste
2500 San Pablo Ave (next to good vibezzzzzzz)
Berkeley, Ca. 8pm

9/20 Kayak & Beach Concert 9:30-6pm
Kayak in the Monterey Bay (meet cute girls or bring your own!)
followed by a amazing beach concert
for details and registration go to:

About the artists:
TAMRA ENGLE: An award winning singer/songwriter who's latest release The Blonde Flame Sessions was on the
nominating ballot for the 50th annual Grammy awards. Her sound has the rock sensibilities of Fleetwood Mac & the folk edge of early Neil Young. Her music has been placed in films, TV, & commercials:

JENI DAY: Singer/Songwriter warns "if you aren't stirred or moved in some way by Day's guitar playing, then
you must really check for a pulse." As humble in person as she is badass with a bick in hand Jeni will soon have you saying "Girl's aren't supposed to play guitar like that!" Yeah RIGHT!