Thursday, November 4, 2010

Growing your fanbase: using new technology:

How would you like to be in the next arcade fire video? 
Among many of its features HTML 5 allows you to include new multimedia (audio / visual) interface elements,  web storage, timed media playback

Google has partnered with Canadian Rockers Arcade Fire to produce it’s first HTML 5 based music video., which  in this example pull fans (or the homes they grew up in) right into the  Wilderness Downtown film. 

Directed & written  by Chris Milk the video designed around the bands song “We used to wait”   All YOU need is a HTML 5 compatible browser  like Google’s Chrome or Safari-   Users of Android and iOS moblle OS’s may or may not be able to currently view this.   (this is a huge improvement over the earlier FLASH technology.
Give  a spin,  share your thoughts in my comment section on how you see HTML 5 being used going forward in the Arts and Entertaiment world.

Look around at the technology that is new and exciting, how can you use it to engage YOUR fans?
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