Thursday, February 9, 2012

“Lead with your heart” {pt 2 of Visibility series}

During the month of February, I am featuring additional ways you can get more visibility as a Indie Artist.
Yoga instructors queue poses and transitions by encouraging students to push or lead with their heart.
The physical act of pushing your chest forward, head held high, feeling a gentle lift and pulling from the center of your chest creates an emotional lift visible to all who see you.

As you build your business pay particular attention to the sensations your heart gives you as you are making decisions, and presenting your work.  Have you ever felt the sensation of “something not feeling right” later to discover your instincts were dead on? 

Your fans can see, hear and FEEL the work that you create from the heart, the beauty, pain, and joy all laid bare for all to see.

Stop focusing on features of your product or services, your fans, like all humans want to see WIIFM  (what’s in it for me?) or what are you giving me?

Fan’s want to feel cool,sexy, a “part of”, help them blow off steam, save them money, or the biggie, make them look good to others.   

When you tap into two basic human instincts Pleasure and Pain- Make a direct connection to people feeling good, and removing a pain point for them, and they will follow you everywhere!

A very recent success at massively increasing their visibility is the Canadian band “Walk off the Earth” who in addition to recording their own original music has has enormous success by creating clever You Tube covers of hit songs.  In a very recent example, they took the 2012 Grammy nominated super hit of Goyte “Somebody I used to know” and put a very clever twist on a spot on cover, tricky since the original video is SO unique.
 When I first saw it this video had less than 1 million hits…. It currently has over 48 million views, changing the trajectory of the bands career.

Before you dismiss the success of this technique to growing your visibility, it has a history of success.
 Carlos Santana (Fleetwood Mac’s -Black Magic Woman), and a kid named Jimi Hendrix (Dylan’s -All along the watchtower) Jeff Buckley (Cohen’s Hallelujah)

Here is a Link to the best cover songs of all time
I bet your favorite cover songs are songs that you have a strong personal “heart felt” connection to.   Share links or comments to work where you have lead with your heart in your creative work in the comment section below.

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