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Increase your visability Pt1

 During the month of February I am featuring  additional ways for you to get more visibility  as a D.I.Y. Indie Artist.

Seasonal- Current Events:

Valentines day is less than 2 weeks away.
Regardless of your customer or fan base demographic  it’s not hard to find fans who Love, Love. 

Marilyn Manson on Love: 
When you're taught to love everyone,  then what value does that place on love?”

The most popular topic in best selling music is Love... endless, unrequited, or broken dreams these are all themes that we can all relate to.

Whether you “Set fire to the rain”  a perfect example of a well written metaphor for burning tears.   Rhianna's “we found love”  ,  or Good Feeling by Flo Rida.

What song has had the longest reign at #1?   
A love song of course!  “One sweet day” sung by  Maraih Carey and Boyz 2 Men held the top spot for 4 months!

Let’s assume you don’t have the fanbase that Adele, Flo Rida, Rhianna or Mariah have. 
How does this help you?   
Photo Credit: Tamra Engle-  Artist Vincenta Flores Ataucusi:  
Look to your heart. 
Most of us have had our heart broken, and have fallen in love at one time or another, with a human or special pet.  Describe in in broad themes what that was like for you, Have fun, and write the best song you can, then  make a  good  quality demo recording of it.   Allow yourself enough time to print them with out expedited shipping charges to save money.

Are you extra creative? You can make a very cute limited edition artwork Valentine CD covers. Love themed packaging.

*On the CD make sure you have a printed label, 
because quality matters!
 Don’t forget to include your name, or the bands name, the URL to your website, and  email for booking inquiries.     Make sure the holder of the CD can find you again!

You have so many options, to creatively get your music into the hands of other “lovers”- Savvy business owners are looking for easy ways to bring more customers into their stores.

Some possible idea’s:

 Think of the places you would pop into to get that person a little treat or take  “that special someone".  
Create a  Partnernership w/ your local card shop, specialty chocolate shop, local winery, or gift boutique.

Offer to help organize a special musical shopping event- where shoppers are  given a free copy of your valentine song to everyone that purchases something. Include special shopping times  to have a in store solo acoustic performance to bring more shoppers into their store. 

 Or do you have cool limited addition Tshirts that tie into the song theme?  you have created a additional revenue opportunity around the holiday theme  for upcoming shows, or to add to your online merchandise store.

Another idea:

Offer your fans to purchase a extra "special valentine"-
You can sell :30 acoustic solo dinner performance(s) in the homes of special valentines- make it “affordable”  so you can book several in a evening.
Decide how many :30 sets you want to play on and around Valentines day.
Think of it as a mini tour in a day or two, at the end of a couple of days you will have full pockets.

Not a fan of Love?  Then take on a current event.
There is SO much material right now just begging to be used.  

Topics for you to consider?

Love Sucks:  Taking a counterpoint view on the holiday
Super bowl- Madonna Parodies anyone?  Please I’m dying to see them!
Occupy Movement- Remember, we are still mad at the banks?
The Election / Presidents day:  You can make a career poking fun at the power mongers, and so much rhymes with Newt, Mitt, Barak…

Partner with other local business owners to create a fun event, make sure you have something to give your fans so they remember you, grow your business network, and help another business owner.   Utilizing the momentum of a holiday that has shopping involved, allows new fans to spend money buying your products.

Do you want to  increase your visability even more?  Share the links to your songs, and video’s in the comment section below. 

Tamra Engle is a independent business strategist and artist manager based in the S.F. bay area.  She is available for private consultations, and project management services to help you develop your creative business.  You can read more about her at  email her at

Photo Credits:
Baking Love- Photo Credit: Tamra Engle-  Artist Vincenta Flores Ataucusi:\
 Marilyn Manson photo credit:

Links that were mentioned in this blog:

Adele: “set fire to the rain”
Flo Rida Good Feeling
“One sweet day” (Maraih Carey & B2M)
Jimmy Fallon Kirsten Dunst Madonna parody

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