Thursday, February 16, 2012

How high can you go? (pt 3 of a series)

February posts are are focusing on ways you can get additional visibility as an Indie Artist. 
How high can you go? is part 3 of this series.
Transitions occur in the music industry, the brightest stars, suddenly, ridiculously, gone.

Fame comes at a price, for a addict that is generally a fatal combination.

Think carefully about how high you want to be.


Do you want to be a known nationally touring act?
Do you want to rock your local scene and live off your tip jar earnings?
Perhaps  tour in your geographic region once or twice a year?
Do you seriously want International super-stardom?

All  levels require lots of hard work.  The last one requires something more for a select few that have that "special something"

The best way to maximize your visibility is to take a hard look at how big the fishbowl you want to rule is.  There are levels of success in any industry.
 In the entertainment industry there is tremendous pressure to produce results and sell records.  No spotlight is hotter than being a  pop / RB Female artist- Listen to Grammy winning producer Narada describe working with Whitney Houston and what  her schedule was like during the peak of her career.

Master the tools of your trade at each level in your career, much like playing  a video game you need to find them and  learn how to master them in order to advance to the next level in your career. Imagine if you were going to to pick  instrument for the first time would you expect to jump to the level of playing  like a  concert master?  If so, your going to be frustrated and disappointed, because you were not properly prepared for what was expected for you to be a successful concert master musician. No magic short cuts, just lots of hard work.

Measure the size of your pond, master the tools at each level  and word will get out about you.
 hire a strong team of A list players to help you, remember you get what you pay for! And always be true to yourself.

If you are struggling with addiction, friends are here to help, there are resources available to you:
MusiCares established in 1989 by the Grammy foundation to provide musicians services and resources which cover a wide range of financial, medical and personal emergencies, and each case is treated with integrity and confidentiality. 

Narcotics anonymous  both provide resources to assist individuals while maintaining their anonymity.

Tamra Engle is a independent music business strategist based in the S.F. bay area she is available for private consultations to help you develop your independent music business, & manage a balanced creative lifestyle. You can read more about her and join her mailing list at  you can email her at

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