Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Your inner compass (series)

In my Weeding out creative crushers post, I talked about how family dynamics, cultural and social programming do not always support the development and living of a creative life.

Most of our behavior is guided by our belief system or values, filtering our  attitudes and actions. I refer to this as a  "inner compass",   Have you had that "feeling in your tummy", or said "I can feel it in my gut"?  These values chart the course, direct which paths to take. Pointing us toward health, as well as telling us in a variety of ways if we are in danger, safe, or if something is good or goes against the grain of who we are.

Being Aware:
During this next week, be aware of your "inner-compass" and when you notice it.
 Being aware  is step 1.
The act of actually physically writing things down, helps you to gain clarity and focus and is Step 2- engaging your senses.

3) List 5 the names of people you admire that you have met .
Next to their names list which traits or values these people have that you admire.

4) Which of the traits listed on your admirer's list, do you want to cultivate in yourself?

5) List the names of 5 people living or dead that  you WISH you had met.
 What traits do these people have that you admire?

6) Look at the traits from #1 and #3. What traits do you find in these people, that you can look for in your friends?

7) Write your name down on the list.  Next to your name write down 5 traits from #6 that most resonate with you.    These are the values that guide YOUR direction, opinions and decisions.

 By writing down the values  that are most important to you, and making your decisions based on what is aligned with your inner compass will help bring purpose, direction, happiness, and wholeness.

What was the #1 value you came up with?  I look forward to reading your responses in the comments below!


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