Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting started on Twitter Pt2

In Pt.1  of my getting started on Twitter posting we discussed several benefits of using Twitter, followed by 4 steps for you to get started.
Are you still on the wire about tweeting? Let me help you  finish your tweet instructions by reading this post. Then, you can follow the step by step instructions which begin with Pt 1   and  join the 18 million other users who are using a free service to build brand recognition.  as well as  synch your updates to your other social media platforms.

Pt 2 - WHAT's NEXT?

5.  Link Twitter to update your status in Facebook: Go to 
to link your Twitter page to your Facebook profile page.  Then, you can Tweet your  status updates from your mobile device or computer, saving LOTS of time.

6. "Follow" lots of people:  Twitter like many other Social Media sites works best when you are engaged in dialog with your "friends" or in the case of twitter "followers".    Locate a minimum of 100 people to follow by clicking on the who to follow tab. *don't just follow ANYONE, follow your fans and individuals & businesses that are in your personal network,  that will help you grow your network and fan base. Get started by following me

7. 3 tweets a day:   Simply ask yourself: What are you doing? Remember, Tweets are sharing the bits of info that happen to you between blogs and monthly newsletters-
NOTE:  DO NOT OVER PROMOTE: Remember tweeting isn't about shouting to the world "Come to my Show" or "Buy This"  you are building relationships with people, and there is so much more to what you do every day than just yelling at people to buy something.

8. Comments and Re-Tweeting:   As you add to the list of people you are "following" or "friending"  you will find "Tweets" that you might want to comment on or share with others.
If you want to comment on a Tweet someone else has posted you can do so by typing @followed by their user name  for example:  if you wanted to comment on one of my tweets you simply type your message and include @guitartam and it will turn up directly in the replies section of my twitter dashboard. Remember: this is a public posting that everyone will see
Private messages can be sent by clicking the messages tab and selecting the individual you want to message.   re-tweet a message you like by typing RT before the tweet then copy and past the message into your text window and send.

Now, you you have a complete Twitter getting started guide-  I would love to hear your thoughts on Twitter in the comments below.  If you want to maximize the success of  your social media campaign program, let's get started!

Tweet w/ you soon!

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