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Truth and lies about buying

One of the great gifts my parents gave me, was the love of books.
I  LOVE reading biographies. I am a sucker for a good story about about how someone overcame odds to be very successful, and used their success to help others.
These books usually share space on my nightstand with several  other books / blogs that I enjoy reading before I go to bed each night.
These are some tools I use to stay current on trends, and business models so I can help all of my  clients be as successful as possible.

I just read a awesome book by Martin Lindstrom called Buy-ology.
I have included a link to the book at the end of this blog which I really  recommend you buy!
If you haven't already read it, Martin explains  how "neuro-marketing" influences buying decisions for all the brands that we grew up with, and  have in our homes and businesses today.  These brands are using the neuro-marketing data to sell their products quite successfully despite the economic climate.
  Before you yawn, check out the book! There you'll see your favorite brands and understand why YOU are subconsciously buy them again and again.

When ever I read books like this, I start looking at my world a little differently.
For example, most of us have Facebook and Twitter accounts right?  If your like me your Facebook inbox is overflowing with invites to no fewer than 50 local shows and events people want you to attend that week.
 Most of them you probably delete without ever opening them, because there are just so MANY of them.

Prior to writing this blog, I  opened 15 randomly, to share someone utilizing  "fan engagement" something to draw me in. However, each example was nearly identical as the next, with the message  COME TO MY Show/Event.
I know through the years I have spent hundreds of  hours promoting shows, sending out invitations, flyers, using a variety of platforms with very mixed results.

Here's my question to you, can you describe your brand? and how is it unique? If you can't, then neither can your customers and fans, and then they don't buy your product.

In earlier blogs I have shared  the importance of developing your on unique brand- creating a compelling marketing strategy, as well as properly targeting your audience.
For the 1st time readers you can get started with my  tip sheet   which has 10 things you can do to create your personal brand- it is only $5 and has lot's of great things to help get you started. I made it very  affordable, and I know each of you think your business is worth a $5 investment. 

 Do something different:

When you are promoting a event you need to engage your fans.  Here is your chance to show how you are different from everyone else-  Include a video clip from your last event,  (pick a clip or highlights that give the viewer a peek into what one of your shows are like, don't pick some blackened room with distorted sound, that doesn't SHOW people what makes you unique. It doesn't have to be professional quality, it can be a flip or phone video or even a  :30 slide show of pictures from previous events-You want to really get your fan's excited INCLUDE THEM in the promo. put a favorite new song behind the video images  and include the written info during the :30-:45 video that invites people to the event  and don't forget to  include a link to your website!

In your brief message perhaps suggest, if you have enjoyed a recent show or event,  I hope you can make it on XXXX night, or IF YOU CANT make it, please  send this invitation to 2 friends that you think might enjoy the event.

Use your mailing list, these are your real content buying FAN's not the 900 people who have friended you on a social media page. These are  the individuals that said by signing your mailing list  "I like you and want to know what you are doing, and probably have bought something from you!" But using your mailing list , that alone isn't enough.
By taking this simple step you have just engaged me, I have a video to watch listen to, and a call to action. The bonus is the message is delivered directly to someone who cares about your event, show, or product, NOT the person who is  one of your many social media "friends" that have never laid down any money to see your product.  Get CREATIVE!

If your ready to simply get started on your personal branding strategy  CLICK HERE  and let's talk!

I would love to hear and SEE your favorite successful "brand"promotion stories, comment below
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Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy

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