Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Growing by Giving

I have noticed a shift in corporate marketing.
Two huge brands have shifted the focus of the advertising budgets in a positive way.         To help our communities.

Corporate grants  or “corporate giving” programs are not new, but typically they are only available to 501© organizations. 
These highlighted groups have kicked open the doors to individuals.

Google Science Fair :  Remember when you were a kid, the chemical rotten eggs? Volcano erupting? Flying June Bugs lifting items with a string harness?
Google is offering scholarships, trips to the Galapagos Islands, and trips to partner corporations around the globe for intern positions (not bad for a 13-18yr old).

This is the 2nd year Pepsi has offered up a $20 million budget to fund great idea’s, former grant reciepients have help fund school lunch programs, rescue animals from underserved communities,  starting a aquaphonics school program to grow lettuce,  The funding goes to the idea that garners the most votes.

Were all “one Tribe Ya’all”!  

As we approach Dr. King’s- National Day of Service  on January 17th-  Each of us needs to have a way to “give back” built into our business plan- 

What do you do to support making our world a better place?  I would love to  hear about it,  in your blog comments below!

Are you interested in getting started?  Let's talk!

Recommended reading to help 
Kids get in the habit of healthy giving: 

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