Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Investing in you

Every day  you are  surrounded by thousands of “Brands” all competing for your attention and dollars.

Shiny boxes seem to scream “OH BUY ME! BUY ME!” 
 Typically, when we are buying things we are motivated by what we feel is cool, good quality and a good value. Right? 

Many of us have brands that are our “go to” brands, you may be firmly in the  iPhone or Android smart phone camp,  or you buy a particular car because of reliability, gas mileage, and maintenance costs or the "cool factor".  The things that make you as a consumer buy, are the same things that make people buy YOUR product as a artist.  Fans and manufacturers you might  want to partner with- are looking for the best partners to represent their product.
Reliability, a strong brand, really good value and how YOU will strengthen THEIR brand.

We are in the wake of another huge music industry show NAMM  (National association of Music Merchants) and  have spoke to no less than a dozen musicians that have made the annual trek to check out the new goodies, as well as  forge new business relationships with equipment manufacturers.  You may even be a attendee with a mountain of cards from people you want to do business with you in 2011. 

In my earlier blog:
Post conference success I provided tips on your conference follow up strategy. If you have or are planning to send emails to say “Hey great to meet you, remember me?”   What is the first thing they are going to do when they check you out?  They are going to go to your website.  
What makes you stand out from the thousands of people they have talked to?

Your customers and potential business partners will form a opinion of your brand in 10 seconds of coming to your site.

A well planned website has content and images that provide buyers with the impression of business stability and a strong brand.   You want to make it a easy decision for new customers and partners  to feel comfortable returning your call and ultimately doing business with you. Or  else they wont.

  What if you don’t have your own website? 
What if you use one of the many social media pages as “your site”?  
 Perhaps you have have "made your own site".

The bottom line is, It seriously impacts whether or not people will consider you a legitimate business, and whether or not they will do business with you.  

Do you wonder why despite what you thought was a great face to face meeting at the last show or conference that no deal has happened?  or will it  just one more missed opportunity that you had no clue how or why? 


Do you want to grow your business in 2011?
Do you want decision makers to view you as a artist serious about their business?

Then you have to have a proper business foundation before ANYTHING ELSE. 
That means that instead of dedicating your money on a recording or mastering budget you need to look at how you are running your business.
  If people are not buying product now, producing more inventory is not the solution to your problem.

 Get your own Website (blog link)

Spend your energy on having a expert help you create the proper business foundation, help you define your goals and objectives;  THEN, that content can be utilized within a professionally designed and maintained web site that reflects YOU, as a professional that has their act together.

You may be thinking forget this, I will design and build a site myself, it’s "cheaper".   
Is it?               or is it costing you MORE money?

Your self authored content is what you have been using on your social media pages.  Ask yourself, How much are you making each month from following that strategy?

 If you are spending more than $65 a month on growing your business and not getting that money back?  In business you measure your "return on investment" or R.O.I. before you spend money, Invest in strategies that will get your money back AND make you MORE money.

 Isn’t it time to put yourself ahead of your competition? and make it a no brainer for other’s to invest in doing business with them?

I would love to hear how having your business plan and website in place transformed your creative business.  

If your ready to made a difference in your creative career, then lets talk!
I have partnered with top quality Web design & development team to my to help you transform your creative business. 

 Put yourself ahead of your competitors, and start making a living doing what you love.

Here is to making 2011 the year you turn your business around.


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