Monday, May 17, 2010

TV as a free promotional tool

Everywhere you turn you are hearing about the importance of using social media to communicate with your fan base.
In the rush to stay on the technology wave you may overlook a FREE (or very nearly free) promotional tool courtesy of your local cable provider. Yup the same folks that suck $150 out of your bank account each month for high speed internet and cable in most communities offer a free service to the members of it's community called "public access television".
In a nutshell you take a couple of courses to learn how to use the equipment, and you have access to a STUDIO- You can use this as an opportunity to shoot a studio style music video for your promotions kit or web site. Camera's, lights, and microphones all at your disposal.
The possibilities are endless with what you can create- Bear in mind that even public access television has to adhere to FCC guidelines-and existing programming schedules however, you still have a wide scope of possibility available to you.

I want to share with you a very successful example of the PATV model being used by a young entertainer named Vinnie Langdon who took advantage of this free community service and has par laid this into a successful 6 year local television program.
Think about that for a moment MOST television shows don't even make it 6 episodes let alone produce on avg 83 shows A YEAR!!!
The Vinnie Langdon show has featured over 500 episodes and thousands of guests including touring performers from American Idol, Paramore, and actors from Film & TV.

As a guest on the show I have a copy of the program that I can use for promotional purposes- as well as 3 individual song performances that can be re-used for press kits / promo purposes and regular airplay on the local public access channel that broadcasts from Sacramento to Fresno

I turned the camera around and interviewed Vinnie because I applaud his entrepreneurial spirit and to find out how YOU can use public access television to promote your upcoming release- or if your touring hook up with the local public access TV station where your touring.

For more information on your local public access Television check with your local cable provider.
Here is a link to 700 sites for public access Television in California:

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Now here is the link to my interview with Vinnie:

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