Monday, May 24, 2010

Being Debt Free...

Today is a big day.
I am holding the pink slip to my 2 year old Subaru. I am now completely debt free.
No Credit Cards, No Mtg, No Car payment.

I can now check another thing off "my list"
Putting a line through COMPLETELY DEBT FREE then struck me.
How many people in the world dream of this, but struggle each month to make ends meet only to get further and further behind... They say in America 1/2 of the population has credit card debt and only a 1/3 does not.

I hesitate to share this information, for fear of raising the ire' of my colleagues....

Then, I smiled, realizing I can help add "friends" to the 1/3rd list...

how many big plans do YOU have that NEVER seem to happen.

I know, it's frustrating- it doesn't have to be this way.

I have suffered in the tough times just like everyone else.

Yet, today, I am financially unencumbered!? How does that happen?

Because I created a success plan and STUCK TO IT.

Feeling the urge to go out and buy something frivolous... I splurged and bought a $180 DanElectro guitar- The urge is satisfied, and no debt incurred. win-win.....
Having financial freedom is something everyone deserves. . . don't you think?

When people ask me what I do for a living- " I bring business concepts to creative minds, so they can identify and achieve their success". If you are interested in living debt free- let me help you create a success plan- I can tell you first hand IT WORKS!

Having financial freedom is something everyone deserves. . . don't you think?

I will be in Santa Cruz: June 4-5th and have a few 1 hour consultations still available between performances.

*book your consultation before June 1st and it's only $75.00 ($150 value)-

I support using the following communication tools: Face to Face, Skype, email, texting, carrier pigeon & owls- I am open to what ever works best for YOU.

To schedule your consultation email me at:

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