Monday, May 10, 2010

Missed Opportunities.....FREE TIPS

Missed opportunities are things that folks are not always aware of. Every day opportunity presents itself, and
knowing when to recognize "opportunities" can be the difference between making a living and barely making it.

I am very regularly given cds and promo packs from aspiring and emerging artists for consideration in various projects.
Recently I posted a note on Facebook-to solicitate performing and performance artists that would be interested in being a featured performer at an upcoming Cougar Rock Show. I am interested in featuring some really unique performers that folks HAVEN"T heard from- not just singer songwriters, but plate spinners, dancers, flame throwers, what ever your schtick is.

I have a box overflowing with cd's as we speak, some very forgetable, and some....well they are outstanding!!
Unfortunatly, there are many missed opportunities here.

I am looking at 5 artists who instead of writing this blog I would rather be calling or emailing to book for an show.

All 5 artists have included: 1 sheets (a bio) headshots, and top quality music I can tell that alot of time and money was spend on not only the cd's but the video's and promo sheets. NONE of these submissions have contact info.!!!!!!!!

This seems unbelievable to me as I scan the packaging cd, NOTHING lot's of words but no contact info. WOW!

It's not that working with ME is going to change a career...It might, but best not to put your eggs all in one basket right?These 5 artists will never know, And MAY even think I blew them off, when honestly I simply don't have the time to drop everything and see if I can find contact info on them on the web since it isn't in their packaging.....ANYWHERE!!!

When you are doing EVERYTHING, writing the songs, performing recording, artwork notes, this and that.... you are SO in the middle of it all, and something so simple gets missed. Only this mistake is preventing you from being heard, and getting work.

This is where in a Music Supervisors or producer's office your CD just got tossed, never to be heard). That's an expensive mistake to make hundreds of times as you mail your promo packages.

Let me save you at least $5,000 in my Free Tip of the Day:
($5,000 is my conservative DIY estimate on the minimal cost of to make a indy cd)


Did you know that MOST (over 90%) of press kits get tossed in the trash? This is THE tool that is your calling card, and the item that booking agents, venue operators, managers, etc ALL use to determine if they will or want to work with you.

Your promo kit does not have to be flashy, or expensive, however it MUST be thoughtfully put together to contain the key ingredients to maximize the opportunity for your music to even be heard!

When you are submitting a promo kit to anyone- You will be a missed opportunity UNLESS you include these things.

1) Contact persons name
2) WebSiite of artist
3) phone number (with area code!!!)
4) email address

Your promo kit is your calling card- You may have heard the expression "you never have a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression" it's true.


9 times out of 10 an epk (electronic press kit) is the best way to go, Then your prospective clients click on a link and off we go, no plastic, paper, reams of info to sort through. That doesn't change the fact that the information needs to still be top quality AND COMPLETE. Do NOT handwrite on the cd have EVERYTHING professionally printed, no handwriting ISN"T COOL
when people can't read it. Trust me we can tell it's DIY!

Here's what you need professionally prepared:

1) 1 sheet/BIO (this is a PROFESSIONALLY written, not something YOU wrote *this is your 1st impression make it work.) Concise and to the point.
2) Head shot / Band picture (smart artists have it printed on the back of their bio, )
3) CD/DVD * booking people will not pour over each track put a sticker on the case pointing out the #1 or 2 tracks that you want them to hear. When you are screening CD's you want to get right to the point.
4) VIDEO-even if it is shot on a flip camera- something that shows YOU in a performance setting- You can almost be guarenteed you WILL NOT get booked for a performance UNLESS you do include a video of what you look like live, studio recording make folks sound perfect, it is NOT reflective of what YOUR live show is like.
5) Media clippings / quotes- essential for all professionals.

I have helped many individual artist and bands with putting together or revamping their media kits. Your not part of the competition if your promo kit is in a trash can. You need to be able to diffentiate yourself from anyone else doing what YOU DO.
If your interested in success, and not MISSED OPPORTUNITIES. You can schedule a 1 hr consultation with me to have your promo kit reviewed-or create a career changing success plan.

Tamra Engle is a performing songwriter, musician and social entrepreneur offering strategic marketing promotional consulting & performance coaching for artists & bands to help them succeed in the evolving music and entertainment industries.
You can contact her to move your career forward at

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