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You’ve spent the summer performing at  lots of shows, perhaps you have been promoting a new cd. After 3-6 hard months of  playing the same songs over and over you start to get really getting tired of singing and performing the same songs, right?  and you worry that your fans are ALSO tired of hearing you sing and play the same songs.

I am going to provide tips and tid-bits during the last 3 months of the year to to help keep your fans engaged and keep you energized, while selling some more music during the last 3 months of the year.

  In 2010 physical CD album sales were down 13%  digital track and album sales at   iTunes sales grew 71% 

Having Holiday themed music creates additional  “brand awareness” and buying opportunities for your fans, and NEW fans.

Part 1 of my holiday music blog series is focused on the most Spook-tacular time of the year. The Fall Solstice, Dia De Los Muertes, or Halloween, what ever you celebrate All things relating to spirits, spooky things, and poking fun at popular culture icons are all fair game during this hauntingly fun time of year. You see it in costumes and defiantly hear it  in the music. During 2011 there are a lot of frightening things to take a poke at musically speaking!   Not to mention that the top television shows are themed around the holiday,  True Blood, Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, Twilight movies…. There are lots of opportunities for really good spooky music.

Last year, I hosted a online Halloween song submission on Facebook, during the month of October artists were invited to write and record a Halloween themed song, right before Halloween the song that had the most LIKES  “won”.  The winning submission happened to be submitted by songwriter Alexis Harte who’s daughter Mia helped create a Halloween song, called "Mia's Halloween Song"  that they sold for $1  all the proceeds were donated to Smile train, additionally the song was picked up for a small licensing opportunity!    A definite win- win for artist and the Smile Chain Children who were benefactors.     It’s still a great cause- I recommend you lend a dollar to provide a child with a smile, what a beautiful gift.

During the 2011 Halloween holiday what holiday themed songs have you written to capture the season?  Submit the link to your Halloween song in the comment section below!    You will be bringing some new fans ears to your music, and have a great new song you can slip into your “fall favorites” catalog….

In November I will sneak in a link to the 2nd of our 3 part promoting your songs during the holiday’s  with the theme of giving (and receiving) Thanks.
Until then,    have a Booo-tiful day!  Bwaaa Haa Ha ha!

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