Sunday, October 2, 2011

Getting heard above the noise?

Van Gogh- Red Vineyards at Arles
Van Gogh during his lifetime only sold one painting, he lived in near isolation thinking his work would always be shunned.   
Imagine, if he had a social network filled with fans and other emerging artists?
What a difference it would have had on his confidence as a artist? on his body of work? and influence on other emerging artists?   

For the first time, the ability for a individual to have access to a world wide audience is possible.  The internet has given everyone a microphone, and everyone is talking at once.
In a recent blog, I offered some ways for artists  to be newsworthy to provide you with creative options to cut through the clutter.

Mass media that most of us grew up with has evaporated.  A hit pop record used to sell a million copies, now, the average hit song is selling on average 129,000 copies.  Keep in mind the RIAA issues a gold record once you have sold 500,000 records.
 Tools to publish physical art, books, & music are all available in our homes for anyone to create and put that creation, good, bad, or in between out into the world.

Social media  allows us to market directly to the individual who likes the same things we do,
This is your opportunity not to be ordinary, the microphone is on, what are YOU doing to make a big difference and capture the worlds heart? share with our readers in the comments below.

Van Gogh "The Red Vineyard at Arles"

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