Saturday, September 10, 2011

Working class hero's

Where were you when President Kennedy,  or John Lennon were killed?
How about  Elvis, Lady Diana, Kurt Cobain, or Michael Jackson died?  These individuals were all cultural icons that had a impact on the way we live.  Most of us remember where we were when we heard the news of their unexpected deaths.

This week in America everyone is talking about  a series of events that involved the loss of so many "working class" hero's,  9/11.
There events are  book marks in everyone's lives. Iconic moments in time, where certain foods, events, and even songs are a reminder of those events.

  I don't want to talk about the event, where you were when the event's occured.  Or the negativity around the event.

  I want to focus on the small window of time after the event.
 I know you remember it, It lasted for just  a couple of weeks,  when all the senseless B.S. just fell away.  

It hindsight it was a beautiful moment of time where everyone was NICE to one another.
We didn't rush, we waited for people to cross the street, we smiled to strangers and said hello, we offered a seat to someone who looked tired, and we  offered a hand to those less fortunate.

I am sending a smile and kind word to all who read this-and invite you to use your creative energy to create something positive.

You my friends are the instruments of change.
Lay down your fears, put aside your hate and instead,
write or sing a song, paint a picture, create a sculpture, knit something, write a poem, Then, give it to someone... ideally a total stranger, and expect nothing in return.

If you are a recipient of a gift from a stranger, pay that kindness  forward.

 I invite you to share this with a friend, and wish all who read this

Happy Blessings,


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Heart Rock & Yarn Earth: Tamra Engle(c)

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