Saturday, April 10, 2010

Creating mode...

As an artist I find things to be cyclic. Creating a new release is a birthing.
Spring Gardens, digging in the dirt, and planting the seeds to go back in the studio... Creative seeds are scattered about in scribbles, and ponderings in the margin of books and journals.

Texturing music,
blending, sounds
and emotions
til it stands on it's own

Then shoved out of the nest to see the world.........

Behind the scenes you also get to take your lumps for not fitting in a box....
Not everyone feels comfortable being in a collaborative environment, they get scared, and I think the fear stops them from growing. Fi Fi Fo Fife-dom

I want to learn from everyone, What excites you about what you do ?

How can each of us use what we love so dearly to help others around us?

I think that is religion to give something with total love and let it help another.

You can check out some refinements I have made to my website under my services.
I'd love to help you discover, rekindle, or even make a living from what excites YOU.

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