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The Creative Vampires (pt 3 of Fear series)

Each Month the Business Strategist deals with a different topic theme.
This Month "Fear" and  how it relates to independent artists careers is discussed in weekly segments.

The Creative Vampires:    (pt 3 of a series*)

“It is the most challenging work for human beings to connect within themselves in a loving, accepting, respectful way, and then to connect with other human beings in a loving, respectful, accepting way”-source

To keep growing as an artist you have to take a good look inside and clear away our own internal demons. Your creativity is like a garden, you tend to it and provide  periodic maintaince and it provides you with  long healthy relationships and a successful career doing something you love, while helping others.
Since you were a small person your parents, family, teachers and members of your spiritual community have been generous no doubt in providing you their opinions (beliefs) on how you should live your life. They weigh in about you being a artist. Some love, some hate, some become manipulative and create chaos and drama in your world.
They are Creative Vampires.

Despite everyone’s good or bad intentions their opinons and beliefs are seeds being tossed into your creative garden. Before you know it, You have a whole garden choked full of everyone’s thoughts, fears, and opinions.  You absolutely have to go through your inner garden and clear out the bad seedlings and weeds planted by you and others, so you can  make room for good things, like your vision, creativity and relationships grow!


While you are attending to your personal garden you will find that some friends or family members will question why you are bothering with the internal house cleaning?  They may even accuse you of being selfish or different.
Some are so afraid and uncomfortable with any change, they attempt to lure us back to old ways and give up good habits to make themselves feel better.  They are often frustrated artists who are blocked by their own negative beliefs.

When we follow someone else’s plan for us, it’s a recipe  to end up frustrated,stuck or lost.
Take the time to create your own plan and vision. Put yourself as artists in charge. You will have a roadmap so when you stop for gardening, maintenance  or rest, you can resume your journey where you last stopped.

Think back in your life, start with the past 5 yrs, then the 5 years before that until you’re a child.
Who have the creative vampires been in your life? 
Was it a friend, parent, teacher, spouse, or loved one?
Write down details that come to mind,  how old you are, clothing, smells,  the color of the room, how you felt, any information that annoys or upsets you about the situation.

Create a cartoon, song, or even write a note, to the creative vampire, your not going to send this to the individual, Express how you feel, defend yourself, or make a parody of them…It doesn’t have to be elaborate, or crazy. Just a simple creative vehicle to help you personally confront, the creative demon, and take it’s power away from it.

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True Blood Photo: Source: Cinegeek.com-  True Blood Alan Ball/ HBO Entertainment©
Acceptance and Approval: http://guitartam.blogspot.com/2012/03/acceptance-and-approval-dealing-w-fear.htm

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