Monday, August 29, 2011

Maximize your creative time!

Getting the most out of your creative time can make a huge difference in the productivity of your day as an artist.

Using these few tips, will help keep you focused and motivated-

FOCUS:  When you start to lose focus on what your are aiming for, the target becomes unclear. Write down the problem you are having, the physical process of writing with a pen or pencil accesses a different part of your brain not used when you are tapping on your keyboard.

INSPIRIATION:  We have data pouring upon us daily, be selective about your constant extended exposure to negative news, Direct your attention to things that stretch your comprehension, and inspire you to grow and improve things in your world.

POWER: Create time to generate new idea’s, themes and character sketches and WRITE them down, to weave into future projects.

Everyone has busy schedules, and each of us have opportunities to create efficiency in our schedules. Look at your activities ask yourself where are area’s that you can improve “how” you are doing things.  You may need to set the alarm a hour earlier to give yourself the “gift” of extra time.

ENERGIZE: Look at your list of ideas from your POWER list- not all of these ideas will be executed.  Start by selecting the “low hanging fruit” from your list, those are the ideas that are the easy to reach, allowing yourself these little successes you buoy your confidence for the bigger ideas. Create a outline to turn the idea’s into a action.    Like a garden, some day’s you need to  go back and clean things up and trim the excess to create room for more ideas in your creative “garden” to grow.

DEDICATION:  Stick with it,  to be good at anything you need to practice, and make time to develop your creative energy, it’s  like going to the gym, the 1st day your not very good using the equipment, but after several weeks, you develop a rhythm.

RECHARGE:  Having balance in your life is something you have control over,
After launching a large project, celebrate!  Getting proper rest, eating a balanced diet, AND taking breaks to get up and MOVE- Go for a walk, run, bike ride at lunch time or after a long work day. These little deposits in the creative bank will help insure the creative juices will keep flowing.

What are your favorite tricks you use to stay in the creative flow I would love to hear them in your comments below!  

Photo Credits: Creative Garden list clock

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