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Outdoor adventure series for creative minds

Do you find yourself ever saying:

I don’t have time to do everything I want. 

How come I feel like I am working harder, but still not getting things done?


I can’t believe another relationship didn’t work out…

Why is my work not getting noticed?  My work is better than theirs’?

I have so many great ideas, I just don’t know what to work on next?

Do you feel frustrated?  Tired?   Like you’re ready to throw in the towel?

These are signs of imbalances in your life. With more and more technology, more competition creating distractions along the way, and without balance and organization, it’s very easy to feel like your not achieving what YOU want.

I am introducing an outdoor adventure series for creative minds, offering you a holistic approach to your business, your life and personal and professional relationships, to help you stay healthy, grounded, and balanced.

In addition to providing you with useful tools that you can use to achieve more, you will learn how these tools will help you have success in relationships that are important to you.

Taking you out of your daily grind and into our outdoor playground, providing your Body, Mind and Spirit with an energizing , fulfilling experience with other creative individuals just like you.

Our April adventure will involve exploring the tide pools and  Harbor Seals of the 

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.  

Learn about the delicate ecosystems and residents that live in this beautiful reserve.  

Harbor seals (who are nesting w/ their pups Feb-May), Sea Anenome’s, Star Fish, Octopus, Crabs, Rock boring clams and  if we are lucky meet the lemon nudibranch!

After our exploration, we will enjoy lunch during a workshop and discussion.  Understand how the “ripples of imbalance” can create havoc in your personal and professional relationships, and when they are left un-resolved, how the imbalances create barriers to you and your success.

Using examples from our tide pool adventure, learn techniques and tips that will allow you to focus on achieving or re-claiming balance in your own life.

After lunch we will climb 160 steps and take a .50 mile hike on the bluffs above the tide pools to reflect on “where we have come from” and share the excitement  that lie ahead.

Outdoor Adventures for Creative Minds
April 10th  9:30-2:30  
Limited to the 15 prepaid  guests*

$40 Early Registration       PURCHASE NOW  
              *$50 April 1st

Schedule of events:

9:30 meet at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve parking lot (Parking is limited, please carpool!)
Walk down to the beach and drop off our lunch blankets and packs.

10:00-12:00 Explore the Tide pools and learn about the residents who live and visit there- and how we impact one another.

12:00-1:00 Enjoy your brown bag lunch- and our workshop discussion on Achieving and Reclaiming Balance in your Life

1:30- 2:30 Climb to the trail above the tide pools to  enjoy the .50 mile  walk on the bluff above the Marine Preserve back to our vehicles.

Note: This event is ideal for adventurers who enjoy moderate terrain.  There are 160 steps down (then back up) to the beach at Seal Cove. 
The tide pool reef is a rocky, wet, with uneven surfaces.  Study shoes and watching where you walk is very important for your safety and the safety of the animals that live there.

The Walk on the bluff is a level path with panoramic views (if it isn't foggy)- make sure you have your camera or binoculars to see the nesting animals. It is Awesome!

Important things you should bring:

Moss beach offers diverse weather systems,  spring weather can be cool, foggy or  damp on a spring day. 
 Dress in layers, keep in mind you might get wet (fleece and wool are great!)  Bring a warm jacket (just in case) and having some dry items in your car to change into.

Water bottle *(we will be out 4.5 hrs)
Brown bag lunch  / Snack
Sturdy shoes: The reef is rocky and uneven, and your feet may get wet- (Tennis shoes,  Vibram / reef walkers, or Teva’s type shoes are  recommended)
We will also be on a compact path and in beach sand.
Hat or visor
Sunscreen / lip balm
Towel or blanket to sit on during lunch
Binoculars / Camera
Change of dry clothing / shoes/socks (for after tide pool)

From Hwy 1 N or S drive west on California St turn right into parking lot

7 miles north of Half Moon Bay, or 21 miles south of San Francisco
Located west of Highway 1  Take California Avenue off Highway One in Moss Beach. The reserve’s main entrance is at the end of California Avenue.  Allow 45 minutes to reach the reserve from the intersection of Highways 280 and 92 Parking is extremely limited and carpooling is necessary.
*There is a restroom and drinking fountain in the parking area, which is not easily accessible during our adventure. 

If you have any questions you can email Tamra at
To join the mailing list to find out about upcoming events to help you be your best, you can sign up HERE

I am really looking forward to sharing one of my favorite local  adventures with you!



"Providing business solutions for creative minds

Please note that if inclimate weather occurs paid adventurer's will be  notified and the event will be rescheduled.

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