Thursday, October 21, 2010


Being connected to your fans is ESSENTIAL.  They are the individuals that spend their hard earned cash on you or your band by buying directly from you.

It is not enough for them to love your music, fans want to feel like they have a intimate relationship with you, and you need to develop that if you want our career to grow!

Your email & email management tools are a powerful free or low cost solution that when used correctly can create and  grow your relationship with your fans.
*Note: select a management tool that allows YOU to control the email addresses (you can input and delete them as you need to) AND if the platform goes away you still have access to your fan email list.

Here are 5 quick tips  to connect and grow your fanbase that you can start using TODAY.

Email Services: 

Reverb Nation Fan Reach  is a great low cost solution that allows you to control (you own the email addresses and can export them) The only downside to this is that you have to wait 48 hrs for the added emails to be included in your group but at this writing it is $9.95 a month and very easy to use

 Constant Contact  is another popular service used by many. Slightly more expensive starting at $15.99 a month at this writing.

My Newsletter Builder  is another great low cost solution that I recommend.

Before you send out a fan email, send a test email to you and your band members to see how it looks. Fix any issues before sending.
1.    Bands (and not management or interns) should always write their own emails to be authentic.
2.    Noon Eastern time on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday is the ideal time to send broadcast emails to your fans, as people are at work across the US and Europe.
The ideal frequency of emails to fans is about every 2 to 4 weeks, with updates on your tour, merch and music announcements.
Your fan email lists are gold and building them up is huge! Collect emails and zip codes from your fans at shows or ask for them in exchange for a free download

3.    Sell email exclusive package offerings around holidays such as  Halloween, December Holidays, or create a special event, just give a free download in exchange for an email.
4.    In each email, make sure you have direct and separate links to buy merch, buy tour tickets and buy music. Don’t be afraid to have a big “Buy” button in the email.
5.    Send an email to fans in a city you just played in and thank them for their support. Have a local connection in your email to those fans and tell them what you did in or thought about their city besides your show.

If you are interested in learning some exciting additional ways to grow your fan base & business, then 
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